Grain Drying Systems

TopDry drying grain in the bin

Though the TopDry is technically drying grain in the bin, it is really more like an out of bin dryer. The Top Dry Series 2000 Heater is a high tech heater system available for both vane axial and centrifugal applications. Available in 36″ and 42″ models, these units feature a backlit LCD display, full programmability, remote monitoring and networking capability.

Building upon proven quality and sound design, the Series 2000 Heater represents an innovation in in-bin drying technology. With its user friendly computerised control system, the Series 2000 Heater gives the user full control and monitoring capabilities, as well as control options unlike any other heater in the industry.

Network Controls

Grain Drying Systems Network Controls

GSI network controls have an easy-to-read display and offers simple operation. The controls are specifically designed by GSI to control our TopDry Dryers. Controls are easily located on the dryer or remote with a few wires. Batch models use the heater components and fan of the control to operate their heaters and fans.

Unique Design

grain drying systems top dryer unique design

Our TopDry Dryers are built to streamline your operation with easy maintenance and optimization. A shallow layer of grain on a peaked floor just under the roof allows TopDry to achieve airflows similar to Portable Dryers at low static. Simultaneously they provide for capacities not available in any other bin based dryer. Fan units are easy to operate and maintain via ground level ductwork. All cooling airflow and heat is recovered and recycled into the air and heat from the main fans. This increase capacity and leads to the best possible efficiency. TopDry dries more efficiently than any other dryer can.


Grain Drying Systems ductwork

GSI was the first to put the fan units on the ground for easy operation and maintenance. Ground level fan units ensure that air and heat are completely mixed for even drying and peak efficiency. Fan units can be parallel or perpendicular to the bin to conform to available room and direct low level noise away from the operation area. The lower section automatically adjusts for height and any variation in pad height over the years.‚Äč

  • Fully programmable fan and heater shutdown, thermostat differential and hi and low thermostat settings
  • Constant display of current bin temperature (in degrees F or degrees C) or relative humidity on backlit LCD panel
  • Built in thermostat, humidistat, and flame detection circuitry
  • All safeties are clearly displayed on the front panel
  • Optional networking with other Series 2000 heaters for total system control
Fans and Heaters

Fans, heaters, and aeration accessories are engineered for peak performance by the GSI division of The GSI Group. Sound designs, high quality materials and state-of-the-art computerised controls are the basis of the GSI fan and heater product line. GSI offers a full line of fans and heaters in both vane axial and centrifugal configurations, as well as several specialty models.

GSI Grain Drying Systems fans, heaters and aeration accessories are engineered for peak performance at the GSI division of The GSI Group. Sound designs, high quality materials and state-of-the-art computerised controls, like the innovative Series 2000 controls, are the basis of the GSI fan and heater product line.

Portable and Stack Dryers

GSI dryers are known for their reliability and precise engineering, and GSI Drying Systems offers the widest selection of models in the industry. Every dryer utilises heavy-duty galvanized steel and industrial grade electrical components. With a choice of the standard Electronic Monitoring Control System or the new Competitor Series 2000 controls, Airstream dryers offer complete control in an easy-to-use package. GSI portable and stack dryers have the quality, features and value you’re looking for in a dedicated grain drying system.

The GSI dryer is known as one of the most reliable and user friendly dryers around, featuring long dryer retention times which produce high quality, efficiently dried grain. Dryers are available in capacities up to 4100 bph with our patented Electronic Monitoring Control System or up to 1155 bph with our Competitor Series 2000 Controls.

Top Dry Systems

A grain dryer and storage bin in one, the GSI Top Dry is the ultimate in-bin drying system. A layer of grain in an overhead drying chamber is dried by specially designed fans and heaters then dumped into the holding area below. An aeration fan cools the grain and recaptures heat to dry the next load improving the performance of this highly efficient system. The GSI Top Dry system provides a high capacity, high quality drying system as well as grain storage. And with the addition of GSI’s AutoFlow Control system, drying is virtually hassle-free.

Over the years, universities and farmers alike have repeatedly proven that “in-bin” drying is one of the most efficient methods of drying grain. Top Dry goes one step further and incorporates features that allow filling, drying and dumping to be run automatically, giving you more time in the field.


What is Top Dry?

Top Dry is basically a grain dryer located in the top of a bin. A layer of grain in the overhead drying hamber is dried by a large fan and heater then dumped to a holding area below. The airflow from a smaller aeration fan below captures heat from this dried grain and rises to help dry the next load. This recycling of heat increases efficiency, which greatly reduces drying cost.

Tower Dryers

GSI has a reputation for engineering excellence. The Tower Dryer exemplifies this, with design innovations unparalleled by anyone in the industry. GSI Drying Systems offers a complete line of Tower Dryers ranging in capacities from 1200 BPH to 7000 BPH. With its patented Electronic Monitoring Control System and gentle unload system, the GSI Tower Dryer is the best choice for any commercial drying system.

The Tower Dryer design utilises industry proven drying principles along with many unique features to provide the commercial user with a simple, reliable, fuel efficient grain dryer. Each dryer employs a bolt together (versus welded) design, which permits wide use of galvanized steel (versus painted steel) throughout the dryer. In addition, all dryers have stainless steel, roll formed exterior sheeting as a standard feature. These design features simplify erection, improve dryer appearance and promote a long dryer life.

The hopper bottom design used on the dryer along with the patented metering drum discharge system provides a simple, efficient grain discharge system which meters grain from the dryer uniformly and provides easy dryer clean out. The patented Electronic Monitoring Control System (EMCS) offers computerised control of all dryer functions. This “smart” system eliminates guesswork by telling the operator instant information on a large backlit LCD display and makes the operation of the dryer simple.