Nesting Systems

poultry nesting systems

Mechanical Nesting

Cumberland offers Mechanical Nesting Systems to reduce stress on birds and decrease the number of floor and slat eggs. Mechanical nests can contribute significantly to enhancing hatch-ability. Profitability is increased by providing hens with a comfortable, safe and easily accessible laying area. Poultry Nesting Systems provide efficient and dependable automated egg collection.

nesting systems nest pads

Durable Nest Pads

Cumberland’s rubber finger or gray crushed leaf nest pads are easy to clean and provide a comfortable and inviting laying area. Both designs promote proper roll-out with minimal egg contact. Pads are available for 10 and 12 hole nests.

nesting systems nest bottoms

Nest Bottoms

Our plastic, corrosion resistant nest bottom has large openings from the front of the nest to the back keeping litter from building up without losing any strength. It’s contoured design helps funnel eggs to the belt with ease.

nesting systems nest bottom rods

Nest Bottom Rods

The nest bottom rods support the nest bottom without the need for ledges that can cause litter build up. Adjustable nest bottom rods will help facilitate safe egg roll out. Cumberland’s exclusive metal finger tabs hold the nest pads securely in place.

poultry nesting systems nest perch

Wooden Perch

For Center Roll-Out nests, Cumberland offers an optional wooden perch, with double-reveted support brackets to eliminate sway. The perch can be raised and locked to control accessibility.

Community Nesting Systems

  • The nest’s construction characteristics make the nests an ideal egg laying location. The eggs delicately roll out of the nest to settle on two polypropylene belts, especially perforated to guarantee cleanliness and ventilation.