Climate Control

Ventilation Systems

  • Cumberland offers a full line of heating and ventilation equipment to efficiently and effectively maintain optimal environmental conditions including Exhaust Fans, Fan Shutter, Komfort Kooler Systems and Curtain Machine Controllers.

climate control fibreglass fan

Fiberglass Fans

Cumberland’s fiberglass ventilation fans are available in 36″ and 50″ diameters, with and without cones. The motor mount and internal framework of the fan is constructed of corrosion resistant, heavy gauge aluminum and assembled with stainless steel hardware. These fans are manufactured using a “Resin Transfer Molding” (RTM) process. Fans have a smooth finish on both interior and exterior surfaces of the fan housing. The basic fan with all aluminum and stainless steel mounting hardware includes a heavy vinyl coated guard and shutter.

Heating Systems

  • Maintaining proper in-house temperature is critical in climate control. A consistent, stress-free environment promotes healthier, more productive animals.

jet brooder poultry climate control

Powerful and Fuel Efficient Jet Brooders

Cumberland Radiant Brooders operate using the same principle as the sun. Before heating the air, radiant warmth is aimed directly towards the birds and litter area where it’s needed most. This warmth at floor level helps keep the litter area dry and keep ammonia levels lower. To save fuel, heat is trapped and recycled by creating a thermal reservoir in the litter area.

Climate Controllers

  • Precise control of the temperature, airflow, bird weight, water consumption, feed inventory and lighting is a must for achieving top profits for growers. Connecting all of these elements together into one management system that is cost affective and easy to operate is even more critical. For this reason, Cumberland introduces the Integra line of equipment. This fully integrated management system allows access of real-time data to ventilation, bird weight, water consumption, feed inventory and lighting for the entire site from a single location. Data can be accessed from on-site PC or remotely via modem.
  • Expert 32 Climate Controller
  • Integrated static pressure sensor for vent doors.
  • Summer/winter settings based on outside temperatures.
  • Adjustable fan startup delay to allow vent door pre-opening.
  • Day and night settings for minimum ventilation and set point.
  • And much, much more

climate control expert32 controller

  • Expert 64 Climate Controller
  • Up to (6) independent heater zones.
  • Up to (8) tunnel fan groups.
  • 5 minimum fan groups.
  • Up to (2) cooling stages with ramping.
  • And much, much more

climate control expert64 ontroller