Swine Production Systems

Automated Swine Production Systems manufactures a complete line of swine production equipment designed to reduce operating expenses and boost performance. Efficient, durable, reliable, and easily integratable into facilities new and old, AP equipment can maximise your return on investment with quality results.

Swine Production Systems flexflo triboot

Feed Delivery Systems

When you want flexibility and adaptability from swine production systems, nothing beats AP’s Flex-Flo™ Feed Delivery System. To meet today’s demanding production requirements, this system adapts to a variety of capacities and configurations.

Feeding Equipment

  • Built tough and engineered to reduce feed loss and operating expenses, AP feeders are available in a variety of designs each easily integratable into any current or newly constructed facility. From nursery to finishing feeders, AP has all the equipment and resources to get you up and running with an efficient reliable system.

swine production systems swine aqua globe

Aquaglobe Watering

Today’s environmental and economic conditions make managing water consumption and waste disposal cost a primary concern. The valves can be quickly and easily installed in existing gates. Get an immediate reduction in water waste by the mounted or hanging waterers in your swine production systems.

Ventilation Systems

  • To be a player in today’s international marketplace, the modern pork producer needs a competitive edge. The efficiency of the modern facility depends on many variables of which the efficiency and longevity of ventilation fans play a substantial part.

Heating Equipment

  • Keeping your animals comfortable in frigid conditions can be a challenge. It can also be quite costly without the proper equipment for the job. AP offers two types of heating systems to maximize heating coverage and fuel efficiency.

Apex Flooring

  • AP’s Apex Nursery and Apex Sow flooring provides a warm, dry and comfortable environment for pigs and easy installation for you.

PVC Confinement

  • With the cost of lumber and labor steadily rising, constructing and maintaining today’s wood built livestock confinement facilities is simply not cost effective.

Feed Storage

  • AP’s Drop Feeders are the perfect choice for precision individual feeding. Combined with AP’s Chain Disk or Flex-Flo feed delivery, these feeders provide optimal automatic feed dispersal to whichever areas you specify.