GSI is a leader in the manufacture and provision of crop storage, grain storage and handling.

GSI’s Material Handling is designed with great Ingenuity to serve your system with decades of reliability. Easy to assemble and quick to maintain, our handling systems are designed tough
for high-duty cycling that keeps your system on course.

gsi grain storage arch span structure

Arch Span Structures

The new Arch Span Structures from GSI are poised to revolutionize the building, storage, and crop protection industries in Africa. The complete structure is made on site utilizing a mobile factory.

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  • Coiled steel arched panels
  • Diameters of up to 20 meters
  • Mechanically seams arches together
  • Watertight and self-supporting structures
  • Can be extended to any length required

GSI Crop storage and handling systems gsi africa grain dryers

Drying Systems

GSI dryers are known for their reliability and precise engineering, and GSI Drying Systems offers the widest selection of models in the industry. Every dryer utilises heavy-duty galvanized steel and industrial grade electrical components.

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  • Fully programmable fan
  • Programmable heater shutdown
  • Thermostat differential
  • Hi/Low thermostat settings
  • Constant display of current bin temperature

GSI Crop storage and handling systems grain storage bins

Grain Storage Systems

With a sales and engineering staff of unchallenged experience in the grain storage industry, Grain Systems is THE source for your crop storage needs. Whether for grain storage, grain drying or material handling…

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  • World leader in grain storage bins/silos
  • Grain conditioning and drying equipment
  • GSI Crop storage and handling systems
  • Grain drying and aeration equipment
  • Grain storage bin accessories
  • Material handling equipment

GSI Crop storage and handling systems grain material handeling augers

Material Handling

GSI not only provides you with the best grain storage and drying products available, we also manufacture and market a line of grain and feed conveying equipment.For larger scale grain handling, rigid augers, drag conveyors…

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  • Flex–Flo low volume animal feed conveying
  • Grain Hopper tank and bulk feed tank
  • Bucket Elevators and drag conveyors
  • Rigid augers and utility augers
  • Large scale grain handling